“Why is climate change so hard to address?” #sciroom event on 19/11

This coming Saturday we’ll be co-hosting a session of The Science Room – a  regular meetup in Southampton where scientists and members of the wider community come together to explore science questions from everyone in the world – at the Art House Café, with Dr. David Armstrong McKay asking “Why is climate change so hard to address?“. Here’s the blurb:

Climate change is one of the greatest and most urgent issues currently facing humanity, but attempts to craft a sufficient response have been frustratingly difficult. Some have described climate change as a “Wicked Problem” – a problem so complicated, interconnected, and psychologically difficult to face that it becomes fiendishly hard to find good solutions. Difficult-to-forecast Climate Tipping Points such as changes in ocean currents, rapid arctic warming, and social cascade effects like the refugee crisis also make the urgency and impacts of climate change more difficult to predict and comprehend. In this Science Room, David will discuss why Climate Change is such a Wicked Problem, the role of Tipping Points, and how these issues might affect our responses to Climate Change.

This is a collaborative event with The Science Room and climatetippingpoints.info matching our bank of climate change questions with their experience and expertise on the topic! The questions addressed at this event will be:

1. “Why is climate change so hard to address?” asks James
2. “What if ocean currents change due to global warming (eg the Jet Stream)?” asked anonymously
3. “Could climate change cause another refugee crisis? e.g. displacement of people due to drought/floods” asks Emily

A donation to The Art House is highly encouraged but not compulsory for attending the event. Join us in The Art House on Above Bar Street for a good coffee and great, wicked science!

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