Why is Climate Change so Hard to Address? (Article for #SciRoom)

Back in November we held a public discussion with The Science Room, which as part of their mission to get scientists to answer direct questions from the public we responded to the community questions of  “Why is Climate Change so Hard to Address?”, “Could climate change cause another refugee crisis?”, and “What if ocean currents change due to global warming?” The discussion included the role of climate tipping points and human psychology in making climate change a “Wicked Problem” that’s so hard to address, and how that might affect how we respond to climate change. If you couldn’t make it to the event or want to read about it again a write-up of the discussion has now been posted up over at The Science Room then head on over and give it a read!


~Updated 2/4/2019 as Science Room link was broken, now linked to my copy hosted at Medium~

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